We caught up with Redpill for an in depth look at his studio techniques and advice for new producers…

Talk us through your setup:

REDPILL: I am running PC with Focal monitors ‘solo6Be’. I won pretty expensive Audeze headphones as first prize in the Evol Intent Remix Contest 2016. The sound card I am using is a  UAD Apollo Twin USB which allows the use of the pretty cool UAD plugins.

What one piece of gear would you love to own?

REDPILL: I would love to own a Moog Sub37 at the moment or maybe some hardware gear such as Manley Massive Passive EQ.


What are your top 5 effect plugins and why?

REDPILL: I am using Fabfilter bundle everywhere. The UAD plugins are more for mastering chains due of the limited amount of VST you are allowed to use. I am using other plugins by iZotope and waves for example.

What synths do you use the most in your productions?

REDPILL: I am using FM8 a lot. My Dave Smith PRO2, this synth allows me to create my own sound so it is very important for me to stick with it. I use them for anything from Drums, bass, pad, leads.

How would you describe your sound for those that hadn’t heard it before?

REDPILL: Its a mix of several influences, from straight Neurofunk like Mefjus or Noisia to metal bands like Rage Against the Machine, Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom. I have been playing guitar and bass guitar in several bands before involving in the DNB scene, so I love playing some guitar riffs in my tunes.

Where do you find inspiration? Also if you are working in the studio and get stuck; how do you get past that point?

REDPILL: By continuing working, trying other ways to go further. I believe sweating is the way to creativity. I am also influenced by other producers such as Noisia, Misanthrop, Mefjus, Phace etc.
Playing gig is like the reward and inpspiration of the hard studio work for me. Travelling, meeting people is always a pleasure and it allow to try new made tracks and see the crowd reactions!

How long have you been producing?

REDPILL: For seven years, and I have been guitar and bass guitar player for ten years. That’s helped me a lot about learning musical theory, scoring and keeping all the sound in key.

How do you usually start tracks?

REDPILL: Opening my pre-made Ableton Live template and making the first bars of the drop. Looking for a cool bass line on the Pro2.

How many hours does it typically take to complete a track from start to finish?

REDPILL: I usually try to not work more than a week on a tune.

What do you listen to in your free time?

REDPILL: I am not listening a lot of Drum & Bass music at the moment to be honest, this is really bad!

What advice would you give to new producers?

  • I would advise to watch a lot of YouTube videos of mix and mastering, listening a lot of good sounding tunes to train your ears.
  • Working on tunes with a basic mastering chain on. It can be a strong limiter for example, pushing the sounds to a decent level.
  • Understanding the importance of the EQ, and that mix errors cant be solved at mastering.
  • Too much low end in the stereo field, especially of basses, will kill the energy of the tune and makes your drums sound smaller
  • Working with good headphones can be better than monitors if you haven’t got a good room.

What plugins do you typically use on your drum bus and why?

REDPILL: Usually Fabfilter Pro Q2, Pro C2, Pro MB and iZotope ‘stereo imager’ (in this order). Aim is to glue all drum parts together to get a whole kit feeling.

What projects are you working on currently and where would you like to progress to in 12 months time?

REDPILL: Right now I am working on new EP’s for Cause4Concern and Eatbrain. I would love to work on some computer games, more gigs and more releases on awesome labels.


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